Friday, August 11, 2006

Clearly there is a bit more to this than I first thought. This site will cover everything from incidents which happen during my day-job for a well known large UK photo retailer to my lecture notes from courses in digital photography.

Here's an example of something which happened at work recently:

A customer came in for a Pentax 360 flashgun (£199). There was a long q, a common occurrence in our shop. When it was his turn he told me the item had been put aside earlier in the day. I knew there was a flash in the drawer so took it out, put in batteries and tested it. At the same time explaining that I always did this when selling an item to be sure it worked.

He gave me £100 in vouchers and £100 in cash and I began to put the sale through the till.

"Now then," he said, "Before you finish that let me tell you about your firm's appalling customer service." "Earlier today I phoned, but was on the phone for three minutes unanswered before ringing off. I tried again and the wait was six minutes before I gave up. At the third attempt I got through after two minutes!"

"As you can see we only have three assistants on duty today and there's a big q," I told him, "It has been suggested that we have an answerphone but the problem is that we would never have the time to make a response," I added.

During this conversation phones were ringing all the time in the background.

Rather than finish off his sale I picked up one of these phones. It was a customer wanting something put aside. I hurried off to find it leaving Mr Angry seething.

When I returned he demanded I finished off his sale.

"Sorry," I said, "I have to finish dealing with this caller now."

"You think you've taught me a lesson, don't you," he shouted, "Well, you have made a big mistake, by the end of the week I'll see that you are out of a job, I have your name, this will go further."

Seething with anger I finished off his sale despite being tempted to tell him to sling his hook.

Sometimes I am sure I am not cut-out for the retail life.....

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