Sunday, March 25, 2007

Goodbye Jessops

I'VE bolted from "Britain's best loved photo retailer" under the big blue banner as it becomes black.
Yep, in Edinburgh Shandwick Place, as the company itself suffers its own version of Black Wednesday (shares closed at 44.75p on Friday), the frontage has been repainted black.
When I was first offered an interview at Calumet , Jesops was up at £1.13, by the time I decided to go it was way down. Blue was more cheery but if the competition does black, black it is for the new Jessops World Camera Centres.
It is not all plain sailing in Jessops land. Getting you to sign up for their on-line printing service (Kpi see below) seems more important than advice on a camera to capture the image. I am not the only one who thinks like this. One of my pals emailed me and wrote the following:

"It saddens me, because I have worked for the company(on and off) for
coming up to 14 years, and it is amazing the transformation in just the
last 2 years...grew too large too quickly, tried to cater for too large a
market that just isn't there...downsize I reckon, or disaster looms.
I am starting to train as a..............................., mainly because I
cannot think what else I would like to do...actually used to enjoy photo
retail, but stress levels on all management are unbelievable now, KPIs (key performance indicators) more important than customer service, impossible to keep hold of good

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