Saturday, March 17, 2007

Jessops Share Price - New Low

Shares in Jessops closed yesterday (16/03/2007) at 46p, -5.15%.
I copied the comment below from: It was written on 6th March, so he's already lost 6p per share, I guess he'll be holding on to them!

"I would treat any purchase of jessops a gamble even at 52p, although I feel that the share prices recent tumble is out of line with the companies margins. I do agree with many things posted on here reg jessops unlikely survivability in the high street, but they are still a significant company and are well known to general public which offers some recovery credibility provided they can adapt their products and business. More over I am interested in the sudden AXA and Investec interest. I havn`t heard of any news? I bought small into this share today, but have considered it one of my high risk shares. "

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