Monday, July 23, 2007

Digital v Film

THE SIMPLE sensitivity solution seems to give digital an edge. It is great being able to switch Iso (film speed) at the flick of a button rather than rewinding and reloading films. Viewing a slide show of our old transparencies on Monday night made me wish I had taken film on a recent trip to Paris and had put up with this inconvenience.
I could have even coped with hand searches of my luggage to avoid putting film through the x-ray at the airport. The colours are so much more vivid than those possible on a computer. Digital has its day when time is short.
However, last night at the Peebles time trial shooting digital allowed me to fit in an Indian meal as well as send the pictures off to my "editor" who compiles the weekly report for the local rag. With film I would have had to do the final wash with meths before scanning the pictures and the nearest I'd have got to the Indian would have been a carry-out. In this situation digital is a no brainer.

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