Monday, July 16, 2007

Ricoh Caplio 500SE

Another Tough Cookie
Here's a match for Fuji's Big Job:
The camera is built around an eight megapixel camera, capable of recording photographs at a resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels.
Ricoh states that the camera is watertight to IP67 specifications (up to 1 m water depth), that it is dustproof to JIS grade 6 and that it can be dropped from a height of one meter without sustaining damage. Due to the water tightness the camera looks a bit cheap with its rubber body and soft plastic keys. Having said that, it feels quite sturdy and seems to be more than up to the tough life of everyday surveying. The supplied GPS receiver however was neither watertight nor dustproof. But the camera can be coupled to any GPS receiver capable of outputting NMEA type GPS messages, so just hook it up to your trusted GPS solution. There seems to be a design flaw with the see-through seeker. And although most people will probably prefer the LCD display on the back of the camera for composing the picture it can become unreadable in bright sunlight. The built-in see-trough seeker is however obstructed by the camera housing at wide zoom angles.

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