Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Photojournalists v Reporters (with compacts)

There is currently a dialogue in the British Journal of Photography based on the old kernal of multi-skilling. Nick Hart has contributed to this argument with the following letter:

"I've been a journalist, staff and freelance, here and abroad, for over 30 years. I've always thought it mad that reporters could not take pictures, particularly mug shots of people they were interviewing, if they had the skills, which modern equipment has made much less demanding. I suspect that photographers are in such a lather (about the Drogheda Agreement) because they know that while most writers could easily master a modern digital camera, and take good pictures, most press photographers are not 'photojournalists' but stupid, unprincipled, oppournist snappers who can't string a sentance together."

Let alone copy out his ridiculous letter word for word and reproduce it on their blog.

As you can imagine I have replied to this letter, next installment coming soon........

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