Friday, November 23, 2007


Sparkling smooth snow blanketed Ben Lawers in Tayside today. Yesterday evening I noticed that the Highlands were forcast to get a clear sunny 23rd November. I set the alarm for 6.15am, actually normal getting up time for cycling to work.

Peebles cars were plastered in ice but nothing like the summits in Tayside where in places the snow was 18 inches deep. As I struggled into my boots outside the Ben Lawers visitor centre I realised I'd left the ice axe behind but luckily had my crampons which made descending much easier. Although I hooked a point in one place and slammed knees first onto a thick sheet of ice, Not pleasant especially on my bad knee. I met a diverse range of fellow mountaineers, two guys from Carlisle one of whom assured me he did not have flu but had taken a genuine days holiday when he saw the forecast.
I should have cleaned the Nikon D2X sensor as all my pictures have an irritating spot of dust!

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