Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Chamonix Skiing

Yours truly on the descent from Grands Montets to Argentiere. Picture snapped with my pocket 4 Mega-pixel Nikon by a kind Swedish man. The snow that day (my last) was excellent as it had been snowing for a night and a day!
My knee just about survived the trip but was aching a bit after this run.
Now back to cycling and have managed to cycle 18 miles a day for the last three weeks. Begining to feel moderately fit again after the December accident. Doubt that I will do any time trials until June as I'd be too slow.
We have a pair of Nikon D3s in at work, one in rental and one in demonstration stock. Last weekend I was using the D300 and now looking forward to testing out its big brother.
One of the students on my course recommended as a good photo site. She has managed to sell a couple of her prints through redbubble-not bad going from a 5 Megapixel compact. It is smaller but more friendly than which regular reader's will know I have been using for about three months.

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