Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sigma DP1

The world's first compact camera with an APS (C) sized sensor is a classy camera. It impressed one of my customers today who was not put off by the disgraceful review at:
The whole link is a bit of a mouthful so you'll have to scroll through the site!
My customer ordered the camera on Monday and bought it today for £599 including the optical viewfinder. He had a quick play with it in the shop to check out its Raw recording and was pleased as it compared well to the Canon G9 but has a much better sensor.

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Anonymous said...

I think I was that customer.

I have taken over 1400 shots with the camera now (it goes everywhere with me) some of the pictures are stunning and a lot of the ones that aren't are mainly down to my skill level.

Its no rocket but it is substantially ahead of other small cameras when it comes to IQ.

I have taken some street shots with it and it just doesn't register with most people as it's so boring looking.

It's superb.