Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I stopped off for a coffee at Caffe Nero in Lothian Road Edinburgh on the way to work yesterday. My new Dawes Galaxy was locked to the railings outside. As I chatted to my friend Faye. I spotted a man, dressed in a suit for work, casually lift my Tour de France drinking bottle from the cage on my bike and walk off with it.
I gave chase and caught him about 40m up the road. I grabbed him by collar spun him round and took the bottle off him, the lid burst open and a spray of Lucozade Sport went over his suit.
Why would anyonme risk a criminal record or worse a beating up for a £4 plastic bottle? especially someone who dresses in a suit for work. Perhaps it was a dare and on his desk at work he has other "trophies" lifted on his journey in each day............................

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