Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Picture Library Request

This afternoon a picture library sent me a huge list of images they require, buried amongst it was this amusing selection, now I've forgotten when I last had rattlesnake chilli......................

OM_SB2_p67_a_PA Chinese sea cucumber (or several in a box). Preferably boxed as a foodstuff.
OM_SB2_p67_b_PRoasted scorpions, canned or not, but they need to look like a foodstuff.
OM_SB2_p67_c_PFried grasshopper s sold in Mexican markets (chapulines) as a foodstuff.
OM_SB2_p67_d_PCooked frog legs on a plate.
OM_SB2_p67_e_PCanned rattlesnake meat.
OM_SB2_p67_f_PThe large fried ants they eat in Colombia (cooked).

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