Monday, December 08, 2008

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A J Purdy - Credit Crunched

On Saturday a customer bought a Nikon D3 at Calumet.
During the sales conversation he mentioned that he had already purchased the camera on the internet from Harlow firm AJ Purdy.
When the camera did not arrive he tried contacting Purdys but although various excuses were made the camera never arrived. His credit card company are now trying to recover the money.
I was amazed to hear of the demise of AJ Purdy as I'd been at a Nikon training day just a month ago with one of its employees.
The firm moved into new premises earlier this year and has a good name in photography but competing against the likes of Jessops, which seems to have a never-ending line of credit and Warehouseexpress is tough for all.
AJ Purdy website has the following statement:
"Please note that unfortunately A J Purdy & Co Ltd are now closed and so no longer trading. Please check back here later this week for further information.All orders that were in stock have been processed and sent out and we have advised most customers who ordered items not in stock that they will not be receiving the item. For any query please use the contact us button and send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please do not return any goods as the unit is closed and cannot accept deliveries."