Sunday, January 18, 2009

G1 - Googlephone

More than a decade after first looking for a phone like HTC's G1 Googlephone I have one! The camera might not be much better (3 Mega Pixel no flash) than a decade old one but the package as a whole is far more than a phone.
Yep, as the reports say, if you use 3G web browsing the battery goes down in a day, but it is no hardship to recharge daily. The email function for a googlemail user is great.
Coming from a very basic Nokia you might think anything would have impressed me - you'd be wrong.
Just before Christmas I tried the Blackberry Storm what a crock of s**t, no wifi, no 3G in Peebles where I live, so it reverts to being a very basic phone on 2G. Storm just has touchscreen for navigation, the G1 has touchscreen, trackball and Qwerty keyboard in landscape mode plus you can interchange between any of the options.
When I first used a digital compact camera in 1992 I wrote a monthly diary and remember writing - "I saw the future of photography today".
Back then I'd have been happy with the iphone from Apple but now I reckon the G1 is better, its open source Android operating system has far more future potential.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Slightly warming to see the share price triple in value late last week but still only about 3p a pity I didn't get some when they were below a penny on 17th December!
However, the recent price rises from Canon and Nikon are going to make it tough for everyone. The Nikon D40 (base digital SLR) is back up at more than £300 nearly the price I paid in 2006.

Cairngorm Panorama from Cairn an Tuirc

This shot is cropped from a photo I took on January 3rd on a Munro above Glenshee. It shows virtually the whole of the Cairngorm range in the distance.
It was taken with a Nikon D700 and 28mm f2.8 Series "E" manual focus lens with lenshood and polariser. It is used straight from the camera apart from cropping in Adobe Photoshop Elements. The camera settings were 1/320th second f11 Iso 400 in manual mode.