Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oldest Inhabited Scottish House

Four of my wedding pictures have just been featured on Traquair House's website It is Scotland's oldest inabited house near the town of Innerleithen on the banks of the Tweed.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Olympus E30

Much as I love the neatness and compactness of Olympus'
DSLRs I wish the firm's designers would move away from
4/3rds sensors.
At last in their latest incarnation the E30 they have moved
to 12.3MP but that may well be the limit for this tiny sensor.
Come on guys lets have a full-frame or something to
challenge Canon and Nikon.
You did it more than three decades ago with the OM series
so why not in the digital age..............
Below is Olympus' puff about the newcomer:

"Art Filters, Multi Exposure, Wireless flash, Multi-aspect
Comfortable Live View thanks to high speed contrast AF
Free angle 2.7"/6.9cm HyperCrystal II LCDImage Quality
Newly developed 12.3 Megapixel Live MOS sensor
TruePic III+ processor for ideal color reproduction and low noise
Built-in I.S. with max. 5 steps efficiencySpeed
High-speed 11-point fully-biaxial AF performance
Max. 5fps
1/8000 high speed shutter and 1/250 flash synchronization."

Nikkor Lens

Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner: This woman ran past us as we returned from a walk, as she moved through the avenue of trees and lamposts I spotted a great shot.
It was a "grab" shot with ISO1600, a 180mm lens handheld at 1/30th f2.8 at 5.33pm.
It is not particularly sharp a typical pressman's smudge! but I like the sense of movement and out of focus humps in the tarmac of the road in the foreground.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Interesting thread on the Manchester group of about the possible future of my old employer.

Nikon 35mm f1.8

Nikon Launched a new lens today for DX-sensor cameras such as the D300, D90 & D60 it is a 35mm f1.8 making it equivalent to an old 50mm standard lens.
At the same time the Japanese firm which has its UK HQ at Kingston on Thames snapped up five awards at the Amateur Photographer awards ceremony.
With the D700 taking the coveted ‘Product of the Year’ title. The competition was tough but the D700 fought off other models with higher pixel counts to pick up a total of three awards including ‘Product of the Year’, ‘High-End Digital SLR of the Year’ and ‘Forum Product of the Year’, as voted for by members of Amateur Photographer magazine’s online forums. In AP’s words, the D700 “takes the best bits of the D3 including the sensor and the AF, white balance and metering systems and incorporates them in a smaller, lighter, less expensive body aimed at enthusiast photographers” (Amateur Photographer, 14th February 2009)
Nikon’s D90 also won the ‘Enthusiast-Level Digital SLR of the Year’ award and AP’s technical team praised the inclusion of an HD video recording function and the adoption of core systems found in Nikon’s professional DSLRs. Finally, the 60mm F2.8G ED AF-S MICRO NIKKOR won the ‘Fixed Focal Length of the Year’,


Most student snappers on my latest digital SLR photography course are begining to grasp the fundamentals of correect exposure. One woman who struggles to make settings on the camera turned in some perfectly exposed prints for my aperture exercise on Saturday. She even had the exposure details written alongside, such as 1/4000th at f3.5. When I asked: "How did you work out the exposure?" She replied: "By using the meter of course."
So my rapid two hour exposure exploration using white paper and programme mode in the first lecture had sunk in and was being put into practice.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Stone Carving

Chiesel champ: A young girl tries her hand at stone carving during a fair at Traquair House near Innerleithen, Scottish Borders. It is an annual two day arts and crafts event in early August.
This picture was taken on film with a Nikon F100 + 180mm f2.8 lens, I must have used a shutter speed of about 1/30th second as the hammer is nicely blurred.
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