Thursday, November 12, 2009

Guardian - 100 Years of Great Press Photographers

Today's Guardian includes a supplement 100 years of great press photographs the 1970s. Images such as Eamonn McCabe's Table Tennis player from 1978 are printed.
Other photographers such as Alex Webb (Magnum) and Mick Rock have pictures included in this neat little retrospective.
Among the photographers I'd forgotten was Stanley Forman's image of a mother and child falling five floors from a Boston apartment block when the fire escape collapsed. The image won him a Pulitzer Prize and helped tighten up Boston's fire regulations. I have reproduced the image from the Guardian below:

This picture is also used by Harold Evans in "Pictures on a Page" in (the former Sunday Times Editor's) his own musings on the much maligned decisive moment. Stanley Forman was using a motor driven 35mm camera but remembered thinking I don't want to see them hit the ground and turned away before the moment of impact. The mother died but the child's fall was broken by her mum's body and she survived.
I was first shown "Pictures on a Page" by Stuart Blair, a photographer on the weekly Kidderminister Shuttle where I was doing a brief work experience 15 years ago. It should still be the bible for all aspiring photojournalists.

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