Monday, November 23, 2009

Nikon D3000
Image thanks to my Linkedin mate Ken Rockwell - no doubt he'll be chasing for payment to support his family once he spots his review here as well!

Back to the camera, I've not been able to do a full review as I have only had about 1/2-an-hour hands on at work, it is a "demo" camera so I'm unable to take it home since a certain incident with a D3X last summer.
But my first impression is: "Great, what a lovely uncluttered back with not too many buttons," and "Simple controls + dial on top."
Like the D40, 40X, D5000, D60 it will not focus with non-AFS lenses, but then some of my best ever pictures such as: "Steve Hislop Crashing in World Superbikes" were taken using old manual lenses, in that case a Tokina 300mm/2.8 on a film camera, as the motorbikes moved at some speed there were no 2nd chances. At that time I'd been photographing motorsports regularly for eight years.

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