Saturday, August 21, 2010

Transparency Film

Last night we had a slide show, remember those, screen slightly squint, dust whenever there isn't a slide showing! I'll need to invest in a new projector as my old Leica has reverted to single feed.
It's wonderful to hold a slide up to the light and see a sparkling image without the need to turn on the computer.
In the slide show to our recent holiday snaps were revealed in their true colour gloryand everyone had a laugh in a way that is not the same as being huddled round a computer monitor. Yes you could use a digital projector but apart from the cost image resolution compared to a slide projector is appalling.
The images are much more colourful than those taken at the same time on a Nikon D200.
A selection were identified to be scanned onto CD and printed, some will appear here shortly. Film stock used was Fujifilm Velvia 50, Provia 100 and Provia 400X.
I have decided to go back to using film except for weddings (with a rented camera) and my teaching as the results are so much better and the camera less reliant on batteries. It is a quality issue and the fact that a simple camera will produce stunning shots without the constant thought of upgrading to get more pixels or features.

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