Sunday, February 13, 2011

Microflash Pro

Highspeed is an English Company making specialised flash units, before you get too excited at the short flash duration look at the bottom line £1800 + 20% vat.

You might also find it interesting to read "The Need For Speed" in the latest issue of NikonPro magazine. It is about Danish photographer Caspar Tybjerg who uses three SB900s switched down to a 1/128th output to obtain a duration of 1/38000 sec, he also uses a Mumford Time Machinefor sound triggering.

Each microFLASH pro unit measures approximately 300mm x 250mm x 100mm and has a tripod mounting on the base for both 1/4" and 3/8" threads.
The output window measures 80mm x 180mm and is made from Polycarbonate to provide excellent optical transmission and high strength.
The rear panel has lights to show 'Charging' and 'Charged' and has a 'Fire' button as well as 'Power' and 'Trigger' input sockets.

The Xenon lamp is made from pure Quartz and is surrounded by a filter glass tube to block any output below 382nm. They therefore produce a broadband white output with no danger from UV. This lamp is housed in a mirror-polished Stainless Steel parabolic reflector ensuring maximum efficiency of the light reflectance and a minimal divergance of the light output.

Photographic parameters:

µFLASH pro
150 Joule energy – f#32, 2 metres, ISO100

Flash duration:
microFLASH pro - 35µs – 1/28,000 second

Each pack includes:
Flash unit
Battery Pack
2m (6ft) interconnecting lead
12V Battery charger

Price: £1800 + VAT

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