Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Setting Up Adobe Photoshop Elements

I am about to start running an Adobe Photoshop Elements Course at Borders College so decided to post some handouts on the blog.

Setting up Adobe Photoshop Elements so that it gives you best performance:

When you first load an Adobe Photoshop program on your computer it is a good idea to go into the “Editor” screen and set up the Preferences. Once you have done this you will experience the best performance possible from the software on your Computer.

To Set preferences go to Edit (on the top level menu  in Editor) > Preferences is the last
choice in the drop down menu. Select it and choose General in the next drop down menu.
There is a Keyboard shortcut which is “Ctrl+k”

In Performance I suggest using at least 80% of the available RAM and as the program suggests set a scratch disk as a hard disk with a large amount of freespace.

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