Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Canon NP-E3

Had a true pro in the shop today, with his Canon 1DS MKII, he was in a bit of pickle as he'd left his battery charger in London and was shooting in Edinburgh for a few days. Sold him a Calumet equivalent battery great value at £70 less than the Canon battery.
Then spent the rest of the day with the battery on charge so that our super snapper has power for his camera tomorrow.  Course if they'd hired an Edinburgh photographer he'd not have had so far to go to get his charger.
No-one's perfect, in the year 2000, the Bishop of Winchester was walking the Pilgrim's Way I was sent to get a picture of him at one of Kent's fine churches in Wrotham. Shot some great pictures with his "shepherd's staff" as a prop.
Rushed off to my next job, arrived a bit late, and thought: "I'd better change the film before I begin".....yep you've guessed in no film in the camera for my unrepeatable shots of the Bishop. It is a bit harder to make that mistake with digital.

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