Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nikon FM2N

The first FM2N I snapped up, and fitted with this bashed 50mm/1.4, was a chrome model. I parted with £175 for that camera in 1992 at Leeds Photovisual in Birmingham.
It was my main camera for the next four years of building up my photojournalism. I used it for sports pictures published in a myriad of local newspapers as I created a portfolio.
In 2010 I returned to mainly using film for my own work and alternated between my F100 and Rolleiflex. But both are weighty compared to the sublime FM2N.
A month ago I spotted this mint condition black FM2N in Cameratiks, Morningside Road, Edinburgh. Patrick, the proprietor added this neat Nikon strap and again I spent £175.
The first rolls of Tri-X from it were great as you'd expect from a virtually unused machine.
Hillwalking last weekend I handed it to a stranger to take mine and Geraldine's picture,
"What a lovely sound," he said as the shutter went off.

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ebed_adonai said...

Nice classic. I owe F3 & F4. Now I use D300. Really miss the toughness of the oldies like the F & FM series.