Friday, October 21, 2011


Today a guy came into the shop with two 2GB compact flash cards. Unfortunately both cards, purchased in 2008, only allowed 1GB of memory in the camera. I agreed to exchange them for two 4GB cards, as we no longer have 2GB cards.
Told the customer our process would be to refund the original purchase to his credit card on the understanding that he would buy the replacement cards. Checked his account and discovered that there was no history of him purchasing the 2GB cards.
He said they were purchased as a present by a woman, whose name he gave. I said he would have to get her to come to the shop and we would be able to refund to her card.
Later in the day she turned up and said that an ex-boyfriend she'd split with two years previously had asked to meet him in our shop to do some sort of refund. The original customer entered the store and the process began:
I refunded her more than £70 and he said she'd have to use her card to buy the 4GB CF cards, she agreed but both the credit cards she tried to use for the transaction were declined. (The refund can take three days to go back).
In frustration he took his wallet out and paid £60 for the two cards, our margin on the cards was better than the original sale.
Afterwards we were splitting our sides as his ex walked off £70 better off and he now had two new cards but    had lost the use of the 2GB cards which had been returned. Plus it appeared he'd spent two hours trying to put the deal together.

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David Whitehouse said...

Thanks for the memory! Humphrey Bogart, eat your heart out!