Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Took a phone call at work yesterday and the conversation went like this:

"Hi, I have bought a Nikon D300 from a seller on Ebay."
"Yes," I was thinking he'll want to book it for a sensor clean,
"The seller told me it had 5,023 actuations but when I loaded a file onto, the data said the actuations were in fact 23,521," So what I was beginning to think.
"I wondered if you would act as an arbitrator as I'll have to send it back," said the caller.
I was speechless,
"Why would we want to be involved?" I asked him.
"Well I paid £620 for it and it's not right."
I replied:
"You are right about that, we have a used one on the shelf for £520 inc vat."
I then asked was he a customer of ours,
"No, but I thought you might help..........................."


Scott Louden said...

Not sure what I would have said Mark!

David Whitehouse said...

It's like the Not the Nine O’clock News skit on That's Life where they kept going back to the Gas Board whose response was repeatedly 'Sorry - nothing to do with us' until they got fed up with approaches and placated ... even though it was definitely not their problem!