Wednesday, December 07, 2011


It never ceases to amaze me when photographers have a shoot booked but leave buying film till the very last moment. At the shop we experienced such a situation last week, the customer ordered 5 rolls of Ilford 120 Pan F film on Wednesday afternoon and was told "we cannot guarantee that it will be here on Friday." The shoot was booked for Saturday.
At 5.15pm on Friday he phoned and said: "I might not make it before you close would someone wait back till I arrive." He turned up just as we were pulling the shutters down. Unfortunately we did not have the ordered film and as an alternative offered 5 rolls of FP4.
The reaction was: "You've ruined our shoot we'll send you the bill for the model as you have failed to supply!"
Another pro photographer, on hearing the story said: "If he's going to use film why doesn't he have his own in stock."
Digital has killed many films for instance another customer this week wanted 400 slide film, there is only one easily available which is Fuji Provia 400X and currently that is out of stock. The customer was going to order 20 but when I told them about the problem of ordering it they immediately upped the order to 100 rolls. That is the way to ensure having your own stock when needed.

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