Monday, December 19, 2011

Location Lighting

    Model Patricia Beck in high heels and make-up artist Krishna Carvalho ignore health and safety on the
    edge of a 100ft precipice at the Quairing, Isle of Skye.  Photo: Mark Davey 
Make-up by Krishna Carvalho, concept and photography by Gustavo Zylbersztajn Camera Hasselblad H4D + 35-90mm, Lighting Profoto 5ft Octabox on 7B head with B2 Pack triggered by Pocket Wizard. Winter collection for Brazilian designer Daniele Mabe. Lighting supplied by Calumet Edinburgh.
Bruce Telford (Bruce's Highland Tours)holds the Profoto lightstand and Octabox, used for fill,while I grab a quick shot, Nikon D700 + 28mm/polariser

 Brazilian fashion photographer Gustavo Zylbersztajn flew from 32ºC to -1ºC when he chose the Isle of Skye for his latest shoot.
Mr Zylbersztain, 36, from the equatorial heat of Sao Paulo, Brazil visited Scotland during the harsh winter of 2010. He was stunned by Highland Scotland's soft subtle lighting compared to the often harsh light of his homeland. On his return to Brazil he sought a client who might be interested in using the Scottish landscape for an advertising campaign.
The former building's civil engineer, who now earns a crust photographing beautiful models around the world for magazines such as Vogue and Elle soon found a designer with the same vision. Small Brazilian designer  Daniele Mabe  was looking for something slightly different for her 2012 winter collection.
Winter in Brazil, which begins in April, is a relative term as the temperature in Sao Paulo rarely drops below 6ºC. Miss Mabe's styles would be suitable for a Scottish summer.
    Patricia Beck balances on the icy parapet of the old bridge, designed by Thomas Telford, at Sligachan,   
    Isle of Skye. Photo: Mark Davey

Model Patricia Beck, more used to sunnier climes such as Mumbai and Madrid, where she has recently worked said:
"It was very cold but last winter I did a shoot on Brooklyn Bridge, New York, when it was -10ºC and although there was a temporary tent for clothes changes, it had no heating."
On Skye Miss Beck made all changes between different outfits in the back of a four-wheel-drive provided by Bruce Telford of Highland Tours where Krishna Carvalho also applied the make-up.

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