Monday, January 23, 2012

Photography Course

My latest DSLR Beginner's course for Border's College starts today with the following programme:

Week 2 Weather & Landscape, try to illustrate the changing moods of the weather with a scenic
picture, I recommend using Aperture Priority mode and an aperture of f8 upwards or manual if
you already feel confident!
Week 3 Apertures, this week I have set a technical exercise, please bring a minimum of two
pictures, one an image shot with a wide ie f3.5 - f5.6 aperture set, the other using an aperture of
f11 - f16. Try to have the main subject about 3 metres from the camera.

Shallow depth of field, Wide f2.8
aperture. Focus on main subject.

Week 4 Nightime - this is an exercise in using long shutter speeds normally of 1 second or more
to capture the atmosphere of the night. Could be buildings, traffic trails try not to use flash.
Could try painting with light using a torch.
Week 5 Valentine’s Day/Cooking An image to illustrate either Valentine’s Day or something
from your Kitchen, could try macro/close-up
Week 6 Movement/Sport, this is an exercise in using shutter speeds, either very short to freeze
movement or longer to show the essence of movement.
Week 7 Silouettes/Contre-Jour, this is about shooting against the light to create graphic shapes or
about using backlighting to improve a subject you might shoot it indoors or out.
Week 8 Portraits - use what you learnt during contre-jour to create hairlights or create a striking
Hollywood look with a table lamp and black background to make a moody low key image. No
Week 9 Street Life/ Shoot from the hip to show people in one of our towns or cities, the key is
to make sure that you are not observed as a photographer and look for an engaging composition
which makes the viewer think.
Week 10 Reflections - put together everything you have learnt to capture any reflective surface -
remember composition, depth of field, maybe revisit one of the earlier topics and combine it with
this one.

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