Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fashion Shoot Skye

Daniele Mabe Campanha Moda Inverno 2012 Moda Feminina Inverno 2012 Daniele Mabe

Source: Mkt Mix 
Photos: Gustavo Zylbersztajn 
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Ha, Ha very funny

Nikon D800

"Hello Mark, I'm just calling to find out if you have the Nikon D800 in stock?"
I have heard the above question about three times a day since 22nd March 2012, when the camera was due to arrive from Nikon. Some are a bit more shirty than that and some downright rude, as if I can magic up a camera there and then.
Yesterday one customer even said that a rival dealer had stock. At lunchtime I rang the dealer who's exact words were:
"Ha, ha, no of course we don't have them and when we do we have 330 orders so if you want one you will be 331 and might receive a camera just before Christmas!"
I relayed this to my customer who said she would leave the order with us but really needed the camera for three jobs next month. If it is just a matter of the high resolution then a film camera would make a good substitute.
I find it hard to believe that there would not be an alternative especially as three months ago no-one knew for certain Nikon would bring out a 36 million pixel camera this year, or even ever.

This is an image shot by my wife Geraldine with the new Nikon D800 and 24-70mm/2.8 lens. Exposure is 1/160th f4, WB Cloudy with fill flash, ISO 100. It will probably be the last she will take until we get our hands on a camera. It was shot at the Calumet spring open day in early April on a camera loaned by Nikon UK.