Sunday, January 06, 2013

When Money is not Enough

A potential customer phoned a colleague yesterday with a photographic wishlist. It included a Canon 5D MKIII and 24-105mm lens, the total value would be £3495 inc vat.
"I have exactly £3,000 to spend," he said would you sell the equipment for that amount. My colleague put him on hold and quickly looked at a web competitor, the price was even more for the requested kit. We would have made a large loss.
"No, I'm sorry sir we cannot do the deal for £3,000" he was told, "Well that's all I've got he said so I'll have to go elsewhere," he replied.
No wonder retail is suffering in some sectors, I wonder if he tries the same stunt when he buys fish & chips or at his local supermarket?
A second customer came to buy a Canon 650D, which we sell at a very competitive £549.00 for the standard zoom lens kit.
"Is that your best price?" his wife asked, "Yes,"
"If we part exchanged our 400D how much would it be worth," she quearied.
"The book value is about "£50" she was told.
The next question was how much is the 650D body only, it is £30 less, £519.00.
"Ok how about if we bought the kit and part-exchanged the lens what would that be worth," she asked,
Making the total £494, the customers then said we could drive home a round trip of about 50 miles get the 400D and do the part-exchange! I said really it is a question of about £20 either way. Finally they decided to just buy the camera and pass their old camera onto their children.
The whole sale took about an-hour-and-a-half and sadly their complicated thinking was exposed to other customers shopping at the same time.

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