Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Linkedin luvvies looking for connections can be the rudest people. Last week a typical connection request appeared in the in-box and in an email from a well known photographic dealer.
Whilst I'd never met the man, I'd been aware of his existence for almost 40 years. My teacher, Jim Page, who introduced me to photography at the age of 10 had bought a camera from this dealer.
Somehow I'd remembered the conversation, probably reinforced by advertisements for the dealer's business, through the years in photographic magazines such as "Amateur Photographer".
So, I responded and said I'd be happy to accept his invitation to connect and at the same time sent a personnal note (message within Linkedin) stating how I'd heard of him all that time ago.
Did I get any sort of reply or acknowledgement?
Not a peep, quick to delve through my connections no doubt but not so quick to reply, so he may have some super recommendations but he's no longer one of my connections.

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