Friday, November 08, 2013

Nikon Df

Nikon's famous "f" finally follows fashion in the digital age. Taking a leaf from Fuji's retro X-Pro1 Japan's foremost camera legacy company has joined the look-a-like fray with a digital version of its 1970's classic the FM. Some site's like fstoppers say that it represents everything wrong with photography and is purely a fashion accessory.
I beg to differ, the first three orders where I work are all from professional photographers. Why would they waste £2.5K on a trinket? There are many things to like, the use of a cable release thread for remote just like my D100 and many film cameras is a neat touch. At last a Nikon DSLR with speeds on a dial not an LCD display. Iso the same, I'd have gone the whole hog and made it manual only. Unlike my FM2n it has all the latest flash modes including auto FP for running beyond the normal sync speed. If I'd not bought a D800 last year I might be tempted, but perhaps..........

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