Saturday, June 28, 2014

Braw Lads Gathering 2014

Braw Lad Gathering Principals Saturday June 28th 2014, Braw Lad Gavin Young and Braw Lass Alice Mackay.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Brian Lees

Chairman of Walkerburn Summer Festival 2014 Brian Lees.


Flappers at Walkerburn's summer festival brave the midgies on a mizzly evening.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

Mollie McIntosh

Mollie McIntosh, Skye Houston and Rosie Mitchell during Walkerburn Summer Festival 2014

Processional piper

A piper at the head of the procession through Walkerburn at the start of the festival on June 23rd 2014.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Walkerburn War Memorial

Walkerburn Festival Lass Skye Houston, lays a wreath at Walkerburn War Memorial. Walkerburn was devasted by its men lost in the First World War, the highest percentage of any village in the Scottish Borders.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Solo Man Moves Fastest

"Solo Man (Woman) Moves Fastest," was a phrase I first heard spoken by my pal Ian Findlater. It is very true, for instance on my cycle ride this afternoon I decided where to go, no arguments, when to stop, to have a Coca Cola, the speed was my speed.
So often I have been out on a club run where it has to be about 45 miles, no stops just battering on, training for what?
The only snag is, if you do stop and have a camera then it has to be a view of landscape or perhaps inflict a selfie on the world. With my 4 megapixel Nikon from 2004 it took about six shots before I was happy with the composition.- some bike and some landscape.
This was taken after 27 miles of beautiful back 'B' road cycling, always somehow avoiding the rain. The blackspots are dead flies.
Run was out to the Gordon Arms at Yarrow Valley, from Peebles down the back road (B7062) to Traquair turn right and keep going till you reach the pub. Climb sharply up 'Paddy Slacks' great nearly two mile descent.
It is one of my favourite rides and today was the third time this year, all on my  racer which was made for cycling journo and author Richard Moore, he must be about my size as it is a good fit.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday, June 06, 2014

Tweedlove Sprint

Tweedlove Sprint winner Lucy Grant celebrates outside the Tontine Hotel on Friday June 6th 2014

Hawick Common Riding 2014

A Rip Off

During a photography class I was lecturing a student described her wedding photography. I was curious to know the cost, and was told £4,000. Another older student, perhaps a mum herself said: "That's a complete rip-off."
Naturally I asked who had done the photography and was told Duke Photography in Edinburgh. In the coffee break the subject was raised again. Knowing a little bit about Duke, I told everyone that they use the best equipment currently available including all Canon 'L' series lenses and bodies whcih are far removed from the ones my class members would use.
"How amny photographers shot your wedding," I asked the girl, "Two for the duration of the wedding day," was her reply.
I said to the class imagine two people working flat out, having to buy the equipment, they need a car and office and at best get a solid six months of weekend work a year. It is still too much protested other members of the class.
I used a favourite analogy: "Do you all drive?"
"Yes," they replied, "How many of you do your own oil changes?"
The answer was none, well that's a rip-off I told them, typically it costs £100 for an oil change, probably by the garage's work experience boy. The materials, using the best oil might cost the garage £45. How much do you spend in a lifetime's driving?
It is all a matter of perspective - married once - hopefully, oil change often..........

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Disposable Income & Tripods

A Ladder comes later

A HAY festival foto in a daily paper  reveals much about Photography today. In the Life and Arts section of the weekend Financial Times, there's a photo of a well dressed and bejewelled woman browsing some second-hand books. Under one arm are some books, the hand of that arm supports a Nikon Digital camera with what appears to be a kit standard zoom.
For me what makes the picture slightly unusual is that she has a Manfrotto quick release tripod plate-specifically the rectangular one-screwed onto the base of the camera. As she does not appear to be a 'pro' photographer, i was surprised as it shows a high level of 'investment' in a tripod.
When I bought my fist 055 Manfrotto tripod in 1992 I did not know anyone else who owned one. Even in 1996 when I started at the first paper there wasn't an office tripod.
I used to tell customers at Jessops and Calumet, if investing in a tripod not to go cheap as an expensive one would last many cameras and be rock steady. Most still opted to go as cheap as possible.
A colleague Mr Ford always said "Let's tell them about tripods, I'll do a camera club talk about tripods!"
Once the camera and perhaps lenses are bought a tripod is often the next thing unless low light photography is a priority. A ladder comes later!