Friday, June 06, 2014

A Rip Off

During a photography class I was lecturing a student described her wedding photography. I was curious to know the cost, and was told £4,000. Another older student, perhaps a mum herself said: "That's a complete rip-off."
Naturally I asked who had done the photography and was told Duke Photography in Edinburgh. In the coffee break the subject was raised again. Knowing a little bit about Duke, I told everyone that they use the best equipment currently available including all Canon 'L' series lenses and bodies whcih are far removed from the ones my class members would use.
"How amny photographers shot your wedding," I asked the girl, "Two for the duration of the wedding day," was her reply.
I said to the class imagine two people working flat out, having to buy the equipment, they need a car and office and at best get a solid six months of weekend work a year. It is still too much protested other members of the class.
I used a favourite analogy: "Do you all drive?"
"Yes," they replied, "How many of you do your own oil changes?"
The answer was none, well that's a rip-off I told them, typically it costs £100 for an oil change, probably by the garage's work experience boy. The materials, using the best oil might cost the garage £45. How much do you spend in a lifetime's driving?
It is all a matter of perspective - married once - hopefully, oil change often..........

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