Sunday, June 01, 2014

Disposable Income & Tripods

A Ladder comes later

A HAY festival foto in a daily paper  reveals much about Photography today. In the Life and Arts section of the weekend Financial Times, there's a photo of a well dressed and bejewelled woman browsing some second-hand books. Under one arm are some books, the hand of that arm supports a Nikon Digital camera with what appears to be a kit standard zoom.
For me what makes the picture slightly unusual is that she has a Manfrotto quick release tripod plate-specifically the rectangular one-screwed onto the base of the camera. As she does not appear to be a 'pro' photographer, i was surprised as it shows a high level of 'investment' in a tripod.
When I bought my fist 055 Manfrotto tripod in 1992 I did not know anyone else who owned one. Even in 1996 when I started at the first paper there wasn't an office tripod.
I used to tell customers at Jessops and Calumet, if investing in a tripod not to go cheap as an expensive one would last many cameras and be rock steady. Most still opted to go as cheap as possible.
A colleague Mr Ford always said "Let's tell them about tripods, I'll do a camera club talk about tripods!"
Once the camera and perhaps lenses are bought a tripod is often the next thing unless low light photography is a priority. A ladder comes later!

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