Saturday, June 14, 2014

Solo Man Moves Fastest

"Solo Man (Woman) Moves Fastest," was a phrase I first heard spoken by my pal Ian Findlater. It is very true, for instance on my cycle ride this afternoon I decided where to go, no arguments, when to stop, to have a Coca Cola, the speed was my speed.
So often I have been out on a club run where it has to be about 45 miles, no stops just battering on, training for what?
The only snag is, if you do stop and have a camera then it has to be a view of landscape or perhaps inflict a selfie on the world. With my 4 megapixel Nikon from 2004 it took about six shots before I was happy with the composition.- some bike and some landscape.
This was taken after 27 miles of beautiful back 'B' road cycling, always somehow avoiding the rain. The blackspots are dead flies.
Run was out to the Gordon Arms at Yarrow Valley, from Peebles down the back road (B7062) to Traquair turn right and keep going till you reach the pub. Climb sharply up 'Paddy Slacks' great nearly two mile descent.
It is one of my favourite rides and today was the third time this year, all on my  racer which was made for cycling journo and author Richard Moore, he must be about my size as it is a good fit.

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